Shredded walnut shells


The granular material obtained from walnuts is little hygroscopic, with little fermentation, and no bacterial flora develops.
  • They last long even in humid weather conditions;
  • People who work with this material do not need to wear any special protection equipment. No chemical treatment has been applied at our suppliers' facilities or during the manufacturing process.
  • Our products are 100% natural; no mineral products or other plant elements are added. We guarantee our products are 100% non-toxic and safe to use.
Our plant grains are obtained after dehydrating and degreasing walnut shells. Non-woody waste and any foreign mineral or metal elements are discarded. Aided by our vast technical experience, we obtain a 100% homogeneous product.

Fields of application:

Materials with different grain size are used to blast a wide range of surfaces, even if they are not chemically treated. They are used when the edges and shape as well as the surfaces of a part should not to be changed. They are recommended when no change on the surface is allowed.

Petrochemical industry
  • Cleaning of gas turbine compressor blades.
  • Blasting of pistons and valves in turbines and pumps.
Aeronautical and automotive industries
  • Blasting of pistons, valves and cooling blades in turbines and pumps.
  • Fine grains are suitable for cleaning those delicate parts in electronic components.
  • Cleaning of moulds used to manufacture tyres.
  • Deburring of objects made of thermosetting materials
  • Satin finish of thermoplastic parts.
  • Cleaning of moulds.
Other applications
  • Cleaning of electric motor housing before winding.
  • Paint stripping of metallic and glassy surfaces.
  • In foundry a grain size of 1/1.7 mm is used to make moulds and resin models.
  • Different grain sizes are used as well to create a honeycomb structure in the abrasive grinding wheels.
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