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The IBIX blasting system with sodium bicarbonate gives efficient cleaning performance yet leaves the support unaltered even where surfaces are shiny (unlike traditional blasting which uses now-prohibited silica materials).
Since sodium bicarbonate has a fine. floury consistency and produces considerable amounts of dust, we recommend that it be used together with the IBIX DL3K Water Vaporiser, which stops dust dispersion completely by way of a screen of finely sprayed water.

  • IBIX sodium bicarbonate blasting is ideal for use in the foodstuff industry because, in addition to guaranteed hygiene, it gives excellent cleaning results on metal surfaces such as pots and pans, stoves, extraction fan hoods, gratings, conveyor belts etc.
    Sodium bicarbonate can be used in kitchens, canteens, hospitals, hotels, catering companies, bakeries and firms involved in the processing of meat, pasta, etc.
  • The IBIX blasting system with bicarbonate is especially effective when it comes to cleaning of oxidised aluminium, stainless steel and chromium-plated plastic or metal. This means oxidised aluminum can be cleaned without any risk of damaging the very fine surface coating. Excellent results with chromium-plated materials too.
    Residue/corrosion can be removed from window frames and doorsteps to restore them completely, without having to protect the pane because sodium bicarbonate will not damage the glass. It can even be used to remove graffiti from glass (but not acrylic or other artificial glasses as they are rendered opaque).
    Limescale and encrustation can be removed easily, thus making sodium bicarbonate ideal for the blastcleaning of public toilets, schools, barracks, hotels, factories, stadiums, sports centres, saunas, hospitals etc.
  • The IBIX sodium bicarbonate blasting system can also be used effectively on coach, bus, truck, bulldozer and loader engine radiators. Normally, these radiators need to be removed, soaked in solvents and then cleaned with a water jet at 100 bar, a pressure which can warp the radiator fins and cause serious damage. Moreover, the IBIX system gives better cleaning results.
  • It is successfully used in all situations where it is necessary not to cause any damage to electric circuits, hydraulic circuits, rubber parts, hard plastic parts or any fragile surfaces. Baking soda is therefore particularly useful for the maintenance of machine-tools, lifting equipment (cranes, lifting platforms…)
  • It is particularly suitable for the cleaning of industrial moulds or in the food and farming sectors because it doe not cause any materials deformations or degradations.
    Because the IBIX system operates at pressures of just 0.5/1 bar and uses sodium bicarbonate, the radiator can be given a thorough clean without having to remove it and without damaging it. Similarly, the IBIX sodium bicarbonate solution is ideal for the cleaning of heat exchanger coils.
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