Limpieza de ladrillos y terracota

The IBIX system is recommended for the cleaning of every type of natural stone, sandstone, limestone, marble and travertine marble, antique terracotta and brickwork
The dry IBIX process is suitable for the cleaning monuments in stone, terracotta and brick, especially delicate ones which are overlaid with black smoke. atmospheric particles, carbonisation, and other deposits solidified in the base material whilst allowing the retention of the natural protection (patina).

The dry IBIX process with controlled projection of inert minerals such as almandine garnet with a fine grain size and rounded shape (200/250 mesh) or calcium carbonate "CARBONART Z6" is recommended for cleaning brickwork and antique terracotta.

The appropriate pressure regulation and the correct mix of media/air permits the selective removal of dirt deposits without causing break-up or alteration of the surface, especially on the surface of brickwork from delicate tufo.
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