Máquinas de jato de areia Ibix 40 H2O


Double functional cleaning system (carbonates and other mineral
wet and dry eco-blasting).


  • Pressure adjustable from 0.2 to 8 bar
  • Safety valve set at 8.5 bar
  • Compressed air volume requirements: minimum 5000 l/min
  • Standard nozzle: internal Ø 10 mm cylindrical nozzle
  • Special water nozzle for water spraying and mixing at nozzle outlet with carbonates and other minerals
  • Other applicable nozzles: internal Ø 12 mm cylindrical
  • Blasting medium+air+water hose with protective sheath: 10 m
  • Quick lock for connection to water mains or water tank
  • Blasting medium tank capacity: 40 l
  • Max height: 940 mm
  • Max width: 450 mm
  • Weight (with tank empty): 40 kg approx.
IBIX H2O is a new double functional cleaning system: dry blasting and wet blasting with lowpressure spraying of atomised water mixed with blasting materials directly at the nozzle.

In conservative restoration jobs, IBIX H2O ideally meets any selective conservative cleaning requirements of stone facings or stone, marble and masonry structures and architectural elements that are especially delicate or show forms of decay or alteration hard to treat by dry cleaning.

Controlled wet blasting enables to remove unwanted deposits and alterations caused by the chemical and physical degradation brought about by organic traffic pollutants, selectively and without damaging the treated surfaces that are thus restored to their pasty glory.

IBIX H2O is also highly effective in urban recovery for the removal of graffiti from building walls. Using magnesium carbonate in particular allows stone, brick and concrete walls soiled by street writers to be cleaned without leaving any marks.

Using IBIX H2O to spray a sodium bicarbonate and water mix is especially effective to clean graffiti off glazing, anodised aluminium profiles and bright, non porous marble surfaces.

The IBIX H2O blasting method with sodium bicarbonate – totally natural and eco-friendly – will solve any problem linked with industrial maintenance in indoor environments, where strict environmental protection and work place accident prevention regulations must be complied with.

Easy rinsing by using the same machine and simply turning off the outflow of material.
ibix40 h2o

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